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Standardization is necessary for any product for smooth selling of made Tea in the market throughout the year. Teas grown in different parts of the tea growing regions vary widely in terms of taste, flavor and liquor. It is often seen that even in an individual tea garden there is a vast difference in the quality of tea produced out of plucking from different sections, so the variation in price realization of tea is obvious.

This is, when the need for Tea Blending machine / Batch mixing machine was felt by various big brands to establish and maintain a standard quality/level/cost effective throughout the year. Good blending helps in realizing better returns/ generating profits. Earlier, blending was being done manually in a very large scale. But the result was not satisfactory as it was seen that the quality of mixing was not uniform. Need of a powered Tea Blending Drum was largely felt. To achieve this goal we designed a Blending Machine which could achieve a PERFECT blend in a very hygienic way and at the same time very quickly.

The tea is charged into the blending drums with the help of a bucket elevator which has the capacity to load 2000 Kgs. of tea in around 40 minutes. It takes only 6 minutes to make a perfect  blended batch of 2000 Kgs. tea. The interior of the drum has been designed in such a way that when samples are drawn after blending from 3 different outlets one finds a uniform blend. All contact parts/inside of the drum is painted with food - grade white Epoxy paint which is odorless and scratch less which is very essential for quality tea blending.

Option of Stainless Steel (304) Blending Drum is now available in 250 kgs/batch & 500 kgs/batch Models to meet the growing demand.

Technical Data

2000 Kgs / batch
1000 Kgs / batch
500 Kgs / batch
250 Kgs / batch
10 H.P / 1440 R.P.M. / 440 V
7.5 H.P / 1440 R.P.M. / 440 V
5 H.P / 1440 R.P.M. / 440 V
3 H.P / 1440 R.P.M. / 440 V
6 R.P.M.
6 R.P.M.
6 R.P.M.
6 R.P.M.
Floor Area
5 Meter x 4 Meter
3.625 x 2 Meter
3.3 x 1.9 Meter
3 x 1.55 Meter
4.575 Meter
2.6 Meter
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1.77 Meter
Gross Wt.
8 M/T (Approx.)
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Net Wt.
4 M/T (Approx.)
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