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Our brand "KETCO" is established in the Tea Industry. We are one of the leading Manufacturer / Exporter of CTC Tea processing machines, Orthodox Tea processing machines and Green Tea Processing Machinery for Large Tea Factories as well as Small Tea Factories. We manufacture machines like - Axial Flow Fan, Pr-fabricated Withering Troughs, Tea Roller, Balance Green Leaf Sifter, Rotorvane, Savage Cutter, Ketco Khari Sifter, Balance Green Leaf Sifter, Tea Grading or Sorting machines like - Jumbo Fiber Extractors, Trinick Sorter, 7 deck Vibro Sorter machine, Arnott Tea Sorter, Pucca Tea Sorter, Andrews Tea Breaker, Green Tea Roasters, Green Tea Panner, Green Tea Boiler, Tea Blending Drum / Machine, Multi-wall Sack Packing machines, "LEESH" Mini Boiler, Magnetic Separators.

We have been catering to the top tea manufacturing companies and our Tea Processing and Tea Blending machines have been a huge success both in India & overseas.



Featured Products

Arnott Tea Sorter, Myddleton Stalk Extractor, Green Tea Roasters and Tea Blending machines are running successfully in almost all the reputed tea producing companies of India.

All New Ketco Khari Sifter

Here is the latest model of "Ketco Khari Sifter" designed, developed and successfully commissioned for Khari leaf extraction resulting in increase in value of Primary Tea. This machine has been a huge success in factories who process Bought Leaf OR Dual Leaf - own Garden Leaf & Bought Leaf.

The machine is capable to extract Khari's from fines resulting in quality tea production and at the same time saving a lot of work/time in the sorting room. Over 50 units are working successfully running with fantastic results at Ghillidary T.E., Chandighat T.E., Nilmoni T.E. Corramore T.E., Pertabghur T.E. Kettela T.E. , Dirai T.E. & Borengajuli T.E. in Assam.

Khari Sifters are also working successfully in Mathura T.E & Ghatia T.E. Jalpaigur, West Bengal.

Other units that are in operation Overseas are at Ankole Tea Estate, Kiko Tea Estate, Bugambe Tea Factory, Mwenga Tea Factory & Muzizi Tea Factory, Uganda, (Mcleod Russel Uganda Limited - gardens/factories). Gisovu Tea Estate - Rwanda.